Ad Reporting Tools

Reporting, Monitoring and Workflows for digital marketers. Collect all of your advertising data from platforms*, and send it anywhere. We help you build custom solutions that best fit the needs of different departments:
  • Look & feel of your standardised reporting.
  • Calculating custom metrics unavailable inside platforms (your own KPIs).
  • Defining metrics that matter and setting alerting schedules.
Effortlessly streamline and optimise all of your cross-platform digital advertising investments with ad monitoring, custom KPIs and more.

Programmatic TV Platform

We build technology that makes TV and digital platforms work better, together.

Extend the reach and effectiveness of your TV campaign with PeribianTV®, to create a seamless brand experience through complementary multi-screen advertising.

Automatically deliver ads across social, display, search, video, and mobile in coordination with TV ads and content. PeribianTV automatically launches digital campaigns within seconds of customizable TV triggers to increase effectiveness through cross-screen synergies.

  • Ad sync

    Ad sync

    Show your digital ads by syncing with TV commercials.

  • Competitor sync

    Competitor sync

    Show your ads by syncing with competition TV spots.

  • Live event sync

    Live event sync

    Show your ads by syncing with moments during the live event.

  • Program sync

    Program sync

    Show your messages by syncing with specific TV show.

  • Ad break sync

    Ad break sync

    Show your digital ads by targeting TV ad break segments.

  • Weather sync

    Weather sync

    Show your ads by syncing with weather changes in certain area.

  • Pollution sync

    Pollution sync

    Show your ads by syncing with pollution changes in specific area.

Ad Components

Tailor-made just for you.

We design and build flexible, scalable ad tech components.

Tons of data you can’t make sense of, disconnected teams using different tools, and an increasing number of digital advertising channels — we help you address all marketing problems.

Automate the advertising process and increase the ROI.
Boost performance by immediately detecting problems and opportunities with smart schedulers and algorithms.
Save time on campaign maintenance with smart routines and ad scripts.

Custom Dashboards

Manually creating Excel reports? Not anymore! No matter what kind of digital marketing dashboard you're looking for, we've got it!

Measure and analyse the online impact of your ad campaigns across different channels the proper way.

Dashboards are created by and delivered to agencies and digital marketers. With our intuitive approach, the days of spending hours creating reports are over!

  • Executive Report

    Get a complete overview of all your online marketing endeavours, from SEO, social media, PPC, email, and analytics.

  • PPC Dashboard

    We support all major PPC tools, including but not limited to, Google AdWords, Bing, and DoubleClick Search.

  • Display Advertising Report

    Understand your success with a dashboard that includes your DoubleClick Campaign Manager, Facebook Ads, and AdWords data.

Get reports with a custom, white label design that matches your brand's personality!
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“Peribian displayed great deal of knowledge in their field of work. It was a pleasure doing research and planning with them. They were thorough, disciplined and very informed on every aspect of the project. Highly recommended.”
“First, we tried to run advertising campaigns on our own, but after Peribian team took over, campaigns became profitable, and results are getting better and better with every day!”—Ilija Studen, CEO
“Peribian crew exceeded expectations in every single project we worked together. From client strategic consulting all the way to developing custom and complex features, we had always the certainty of success when working with them.”—Jan Rezab, Founder
“We worked with Peribian team on developing custom features to improve our internal tools. They always delivered quality results and provided valuable expertise when it comes to working with Facebook Ads API”—Noah Freeman, COO
“Running PPC campaigns without previous experience can be massive waste of money. Hiring consultants with profound knowledge of running campaigns is quicker and more cost-effective. Working with the Peribian team was a real joy, and we are pretty sure we will cooperate in future a lot.”

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